Frequently Asked Questions


AGSR is a 501(c)3) non-profit organization that is a rescue, not a shelter. A rescue is different from a shelter in that it is made up primarily of volunteers, not paid employees, and does not have a central animal holding facility. AGSR has a network of volunteers, most with full-time jobs, who help with our operations and fostering our rescue dogs. Some of our dogs live in the homes of our volunteers and therefore cannot be visited without an approved adoption application on file and a scheduled appointment with the foster family.

No, we are supported solely by the generous donations of the public. To make a contribution, please visit our Donation Page.

The $20 application fee helps pay for some of the expenses involved in processing an application.

You must be at least 21 years old to apply to adopt a dog from AGSR.


Thank you for your interest in volunteering for AGSR! We have a volunteer form that needs to be filled out and submitted to the rescue and once we have reviewed it, we will contact you about volunteering opportunities. Apply to Volunteer


Yes, you may foster a dog if you have companion animals of your own. Companion animals within the home often offer great assistance and comfort to a foster dog by modeling appropriate behaviors.

Fosters may specify which type of animal will best suit their experience and circumstances.

A reasonable amount of time to be away from an adult dog on a regular basis is 8 hours. Young puppies, ideally, should be let outside at 4 hour intervals. If a dog is on medications, they can easily be scheduled around work or other commitments.

Animals need a quiet, warm and safe space. Dogs should be crated when they are left alone. AGSR will loan a crate if you need one. Plants, electrical cords and other hazards should be made inaccessible to all animals.

The home visit allows an experienced volunteer to evaluate the space you will be using for the foster dog. The volunteer will thoroughly explain the program, including expectations, health and medical issues, animal behavior and training techniques. The home visit is a great time to have your questions answered.

Part of the joy of fostering is knowing that the dog will get a great forever family that will truly benefit from your efforts. And if you feel that there is an empty space in your home that needs to be filled, there will always be another dog that needs your help.

If you have a question about AGSR, please email us. Please understand we receive a very high volume of public inquiries, and while we read all emails submitted, we may not be able to respond if the question has already been addressed on this page.


All available dogs can be viewed on our Adoptable Dogs page on our website. If individuals would like an appointment to see any dogs, the first step is to fill out our online adoption application. We do not show dogs to applicants until their adoption application is approved. Most of our dogs are in foster homes throughout the state of Alaska, so one cannot just stop by like you can when going to a shelter.

No. AGSR carefully screens its applicants by calling references, veterinarians and landlords. AGSR also conducts home visits of potential adoption homes. AGSR has no obligation to adopt to any particular applicant and will refuse adoption if we believe that a particular applicant or their home would not be a suitable environment for an AGSR dog. Our goal is to avoid the return of pets to shelters by finding forever homes for them with adopters who are capable of providing the level of care necessary to support the dogs through their entire natural lives. We may have multiple applications on each dog and must determine the best choice for each individual dog. If there are multiple suitable adopters for a dog, someone will be declined if another applicant has a stronger background meeting the dog's needs.

If your application has been approved, your application will stay on file until we match you with a dog or you inform the rescue that you no longer wish to be considered for an AGSR dog.

AGSR charges an adoption fee of $350. This fee typically includes health care provided before adoption: all age-appropriate rabies prior to adoption, spay/neuter procedure, microchip, and pre-adoption heath care for dogs over the age of 1 year as needed. We expect all adopters to make their own vet appointment within 30 days of adoption. For puppies: The fee is the same, but may not include the cost of spaying and neutering depending on their age at the time of adoption. All adopters of puppies are required by contract to have their adopted dog spayed or neutered when age appropriate (typically at 5 months of age). This adoption fee covers pre-adoption vaccinations and an initial vet checkup, however, the adopter is required to schedule a vet appointment within 3 weeks of adoption.

In order to make dogs available, AGSR needs to pay shelter fees, transport fees, vet fees, spay/neuter fees, microchip fees, costs of medicine and food. We typically spend much more per dog than the amount we charge as our adoption fee. Many of our rescued dogs were not cared for adequately in their previous lives and are in need of significant vet care when they first arrive at AGSR. AGSR is a volunteer organization that relies on donations and adoption fees to cover all operating expenses.

We have dogs in the Anchorage and Fairbanks areas. If potential adopters in the Anchorage area are interested in a dog in the Fairbanks area, we may work with them if they have an approved application on file and their needs match the dog's needs. The Anchorage family would have to travel to Fairbanks (or vice versa) and stay in a hotel for an overnight visit with the dog and we ask that they drive and not fly. If they have a dog, then they need to bring their dog to the meeting as well. There is no guarantee there will be an adoption and potential adopters need to understand that they may go back to Anchorage without the dog if we feel the match is not in the best interest of the dog. If we do not have a volunteer in your area for the home visit or follow up visit, we will not allow an adoption in your area. If you do not live in the Anchorage or Fairbanks area and want to know if we have a volunteer in your area, please send an email to the rescue.

We do not ship dogs to villages. All adoptions are done face to face with home visits and follow up visits - no exceptions.

Adopters should expect that any new dog will need training with respect to housebreaking. Some of our dogs may never have had any formal house training, while others may arrive trained. Even though some of our dogs may be housebroken, these dogs will often have accidents in a new environment. All new adopters should be prepared to be patient with respect to any housebreaking issues that may arise.

That is a question we only answer after we learn how your children are with dogs. Some dogs can do very well with children but will not tolerate being pulled on or climbed on.

While a fenced yard is always best, it is not always required. At AGSR we look at the dog's needs and their energy level and match it with a potential adopter. Matching the needs of the dog is our main concern - not a fence.


We are so sorry to hear that you are struggling to keep your dog. We know it's a hard situation! Please email the rescue and tell us about your dog, his/her age, likes, dislikes, include a few photos and the reason for surrendering your dog. We will reply within 24 hours.

If the rescue has room we will consider taking in your dog. Please contact the rescue via email and tell us about your dog, his/her age, likes, dislikes, include a few photos and the reason for surrendering your dog. We will reply within 24 hours.

No, AGSR does not charge a fee, however if your dog has behavior issues and will need to be rehabilitated for a period of time, we do ask that you donate some money towards their care. We have dogs that have stayed in the rescue up to a year before they were ready for their forever family. We are never in a rush, nor do we force an adoption before the dog is ready.

It is important to take the dog to the shelter so she/he can be reunited with their family. Fairbanks Animal Control is located at 2408 Davis Road and their telephone number is: (907) 459-1451.

If you have a question about AGSR, please email us. Please understand we receive a very high volume of public inquiries, and while we read all emails submitted, we may not be able to respond if the question has already been addressed on this page.