Jackson February 14, 2018

AGSR 2017 Year Review

In 2017, AGSR saved 75 dogs!

AGSR 2016 Year Review

Arctic German Shepherd Rescue special moments and dogs in 2016

Happy 6th Birthday Traveller Jones!!

The rescue would not be the same without Traveller Jones. He has such a big impact with all the dogs who come through our doors. Happy Birthday - you are loved much!

AGSR 2015 Year in Review

Some of Arctic German Shepherd Rescue special moments and dogs in 2015


Jackson came in to the rescue in October of 2012 suffering from a dislocated hip that had happened prior to coming in to the rescue. In December of 2012 he received a FHO surgery to correct his hip issue. In 2014 he developed Pannus, and today we are now being told he may have degenerative myelopathy "DM". Without an MRI, we cannot be 100% sure if it is DM or another neurological disease, but the end result is the same. Surgery is not an option for Jackson but pain management and rehab is. As you watch this video, you can see his back left foot curl under which is classic sign of a neurological disease and DM is very common in Shepherds. This is also the same leg that was left untreated by his previous owner for so long, which opened the door for the opportunity to have issues like this later down the road, which is where we are now. Jackson has been on Tramadol for pain for a while now and today we have upped his dose. If there is one boy who can't seem to get a break it's this one. Please send your prayers and good thoughts his way as we come up with a rehab plan.


First time Miss Emma has ever played with and run with a toy! Emma has dilated cardiomyopathy from myocardial dysfunction. The murmur is likely from the valve not sealing properly because the heart muscle is stretched and not from valvular disease. Unfortunately this will likely progress to true heart failure at some point in time, but since this is the first time we've seen her, it's hard to judge how quickly it might progress. Prognosis at this point is 6-12 month survival. Until then, keep her healthy and happy, low sodium diet, no overly strenuous activities but playing with the boys in the yard is fine. So that is what we will do: we will have Emma on a few different medications and a good diet with plenty of rest. While Emma is learning to play with toys, we will even allow her to steal as many toys from Traveller as she likes. Once she gets the hang of how much fun it is, we know she will steal lots of them. Thank you all for praying for Emma. I am sorry the news was not what we were hoping for.

Jackson, One year Later

Gabby, Traveller and Jackson

The "Kids" playing on Miss Gabby's last day at the rescue.

Jackson in the water treadmill

Jackson is up to 12 minutes in the water treadmill. This is his 4th time being in it and we are working up to 30 minutes.

Special Rescues in 2012

Here are just a few rescues who found their way to Arctic German Shepherd Rescue and their stories. Thank you to the people who have supported this rescue and a BIG thanks to the veterinarians who have helped me help the ones in need.

Jackson's first time walking in the water treadmill

Jackson came to the rescue on Oct 5 2012, when his owners felt like they could not move with him or their other dog, Apollo. Both dogs are 20 pounds under weight and both are head shy. Jackson comes with bad hips that have not been medically cared for. It'll take some time but Jackson will recover from his bad owners and be good as ever.
Update 11-7-12 Problem found - its a dislocated hip that Jackson suffered from the 2010 car accident that was either never reduced or it dislocated a second time and was never taken care of. Now his hip has created its own hip socket which is surrounded by arthritis.
Update 12-12-12 After 2 years of dealing with a dislocated hip, TODAY, 12/12/12 is Jackson's day!! For all those Jackson supporters out there, THANK YOU! I am allowed to be there with Jacks during the surgery and even photograph it. Jackson is finally going to be on the road to recovery. Please keep him in your prayers for a smooth surgery and speedy recovery!!
Update 12-29-12 Jackson continues to improve. He is walking and putting more weight on his leg. He had his first experience in the water treadmill just the other day and did fantastically well.

Thor and Rollie at 40 below

For those who do not know Thor, he is a one year old dog who came to the rescue in November with a locked jaw - something that this pup has been dealing with for over 6 months. He has survived on his own by pushing little bits of food in his mouth using his paw. He is a miracle dog because of being able to survive under such harsh conditions. After looking for the best surgeon we could find, we found one 3,000 miles away in California.

Rollie and Thor - two happy pups!!

Thor has a new buddy to play with while he is waiting to get his CT scan.

Jackson and Traveller

The dislocated hip Jackson suffered from the 2010 car accident was either never reduced or it dislocated a second time and was never taken care of. Now his hip has created its own hip socket which is surrounded by arthritis I cannot believe the pain this boy his been in for all this time!

Madison, walk this way

The LOUD Brandy


Brandy has EPI ( Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) which is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture and secrete the necessary enzymes required by the body to digest food. With the proper diet and enzymes, Brandy will be able to live a life just as normal as any other dog.

Traveller in his turtle pool

Traveller in his turtle on a hot day in Alaska.


Brandy has just been confirmed with EPI (Exocrine Pancreatic Insufficiency) which is the inability of the pancreas to manufacture and secrete the necessary enzymes required by the body to digest food. If only the people would have done one blood test on her they would have known and she would not weigh 42 pounds right now. No matter - I have her and though we are behind the eight ball on this, I will do my damnedest to make her better!

It's ALL about the Ball

Traveller has the most to say, Shadow is the whiny girl and Rollie is the quiet one...well, until Traveller thinks he can get to his ball. Ahhh, yes, this is my life. ;o)

White Socks and Bones

The Boys - always full of play. They had a rough start in life but in the end both were loved very much and are soooooo missed now that they are gone. In the video is Mushu, who also passed away.

The Squeak Off

Traveller and Rollie having a Squeak off Christmas Morning.

Merry Christmas from the Dogs

Dogs at Christmas time are very much like young children.

Traveller, Sammy and Dexter

3 Male German Shepherds under the age of 2 and a Tunnel...

Bones and the Water Treadmill

Bones my GSD, underwent a Femoral Head Ostectomy (FHO), a surgical procedure that removes the femoral head and neck from the femur, in May of 2006. FHO surgery is a salvage procedure performed to alleviate pain and is reserved for conditions where pain can not be alleviated in any other way. Today we continue to strengthen his back legs using a water treadmill (only 2 water treadmills in the state of Alaska). This is the second time Bones was in the treadmill. Thanks to Robert and Lynn for helping Bones while I shot the video!!

Remembering When...

Dogs playing in the snow, April 2009 in Fairbanks, Alaska.

Shadow and Rollie

Fairbanks, Alaska at 3 in the afternoon - not much daylight!